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Photo Gallery

Big Salmon Lake in the spring

Check out these Fall photos by Freeman Huang.

Here is a set of great photos by Rich Ludlow. He took these while hiking in the park in 2005-06.

The photographs below were taken by Jérôme McDuff unless indicated otherwise. Click the caption to see a larger version of the photos.

Thumbnail - Buck Lake on a calm Autumn morning.Looking out from campsite 3C - photo by Caitlin Cameron (160 Kb)

Thumbnail - Buck Lake on a calm Autumn morning.Buck Lake on a calm Autumn morning (34 Kb)

Thumbnail - Sunrise over Hardwood Bay taken from campsite 10 by Fawn and Jamie McFarlandSunrise on Hardwood Bay (Devil Lake) - photo by Fawn and Jamie McFarland (32 Kb)

Thumbnail - Jérôme, Erhard and Faye leaving the parking lot for a day of snowshoeing Going Snowshoeing - photo by Simon Smith (202 Kb)

Thumbnail - Erhard, the instructor, gives tips on how to build a quinze. Winter Camping Instructional Weekend, quinze building (35 Kb)

Thumbnail - Drinking a warm coffee in from of a quinze during a Winter Camping Instructional Weekend. Hot coffee in front of a cosy quinze (42 Kb)

Thumbnail - Jérôme, wearing the Queen's colour, at a lookout on the Bufflehead trail. Snowshoeing on the Bufflehead Trail - photo by Faye Dennis (60 Kb)

Thumbnail - Natural History leader examining the underside of a Blanding's Turtle. Blanding's Turtle examination (35 Kb)

Thumbnail - A white tail deer looking at us as we enter the Park entrance. A permanent park resident, the White Tail deer (32 Kb)

Thumbnail - view of the registration inside the Parks office. Registration desk at the Park Office - photo by Peter Dawson (54 Kb)

Thumbnail - Faye, a volunteer, learning how to use the two-way radio. Volunteer Training, learning how to use the radio (70 Kb)

Thumbnail - Erhard, a volunteer, putting up a trail marker. A volunteer replacing a Trail marker (116 Kb)

Thumbnail - Not the most glamorous job... a volunteer cleaning the privy at campsite 7. Someone has to do it! A volunteer cleaning the privy (96 Kb)

Thumbnail - Joan, on the Big Salmon dock, ready to start loading the canoe. At the Big Salmon Dock - loading the canoe (30 Kb)

Thumbnail - Jérôme at the Big Salmon dock with a loaded canoe. The canoe is loaded, time to go.- photo by Joan McDuff (33 Kb)

Thumbnail - Jérôme putting the last "spike". Setting the tent on the tent-pad at campsite 5B - photo by Joan McDuff (44 Kb)

Thumbnail - Jérôme hanging his food pack. Hanging the food pack, the best way to keep the "beasties" away. - photo by Joan McDuff (63 Kb)

Thumbnail - Joan cooking a mean breakfast. Cooking french toasts for breakfast (39 Kb)

Thumbnail - Arkon Lake with Fall colours. Arkon Lake in the fall (48 KB)

Thumbnail - Osprey's nest on the Gibson Loop Trail. Osprey's nest on the Gibson Loop Trail (22 Kb)

Thumbnail - Pond on the Doe Lake Loop Trail. Pond on Doe Lake Loop Trail (85 Kb)

Thumbnail - Fall view from Mink Lake look-out View from the Mink Lake Look-out (28 Kb)

Thumbnail - Big Salmon Lake as viewed from the look-out at cluster #5. View from look-out at the east end of Big Salmon Lake (37 Kb)

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